About the Artist

            Kristi Terry Zerull has been creating art (of sorts) since early childhood...like many of us.  Eyes were seen throughout the house; luckily, she eventually found paper to be just as satisfying a surface for her creations.  Those crayon eyes evolved into faces brightened by life-like eyes of great depth and emotion. 


            “I love seeing my work bring such joy to people.  A part of myself is given away with each piece and it is nice to see how much they appreciate the hard work and passion I put into my art. Seeing the light in their eyes and knowing that THIS is why I create, why I push myself to achieve new heights with each piece."                                                                                               


            Kristi's love of art only grew through the guidance of wonderful teachers in high school and college.  She received her Associates in Liberal Arts-Specializing in Fine Art at Virginia Western Community College (1992) and her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at Mary Washington College (1995).                                     


            Once out of college, Kristi worked in photography, framing, graphic design, sign creation, supported the Navy with graphic design and gallery coordinator.  Kristi looks forward to working out of her home studio in Vinton, Virginia now that she has moved.  Due to losing her parents over the past few months, she is taking a small break to get things in order.  Once back on her feet, she will be painting and finding new galleries locally to display her work.


  • September-October 2005--Kristi had her first solo exhibit at The Loft in Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • September 2005--Joined Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • May 2006--"An Exploration of Color" exhibit with Ruth Ann Loving at Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • April-May 2007--Solo show at the Bistro Bethem, Fredericksburg, VA

  • May-June 2008--"In His Hands..." exhibit with Pam Allen at the Third Floor, Fredericksburg, VA

  • December 2008--Solo show at the Virginia Wine Experience, Fredericksburg, VA

  • January 2009--"Recent Works" with Karen Whelpley at the Virginia Wine Experience, Fredericksburg, VA

  • September 2009--"The Natural World"exhibit with Pam Allen at Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • October 2010--Kristi left Art First Gallery to focus on other venues, competitions, and commissions. She has won awards in Fredericksburg, Bowling Green and King George competitions.

  • May-June 2011--"Past & Present" exhibit at Lee's Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA

  • June 2011-2012--Worked out of studio space at Sophia Street Studios, Fredericksburg, VA

  • November-December 2011--Group Show at Lee's Retreat, Fredericksburg, VA

  • October-November 2012--Solo exhibit at the Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • December 2013-January 2014--Kristi Zerull and Asya Baldwin exhibit at the Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • November-December 2014--"Fur, Feathers & Scales" at the Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • October 2016-December 2018-- Kristi was a resident artist and the fine art coordinator at the Backdoor Gallery which has moved downtown to 819 Caroline Street.  

  • May 2018--"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" exhibit at the Backdoor Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

  • June 2019-May 2020--Kristi was a resident artist at Crossroads Art Center, Richmond, VA

Commissions and Prints

Feel free to contact me concerning commissions or prints.  I am now located in Vinton, Virginia.  For commissions, I estimate cost according to the amount of time I predict I will spend on your piece along with cost of materials.  Pricing varies from piece to piece, so, quotes are given once I have the specifications for each job. 


For prints, I have prints of some of my work and can get more prints made upon request.  I have recently moved, so, will be looking for new galleries to show in once settled.  Will keep you posted! 

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